Recommendations 2014

Entrepreneurship is considered one of the important issues for educational institutions, governmental organizations, businesses and the society as a whole. Research and extensive studies in this field abound and they all confirm its importance to the national economy. Pioneers constitute the first element in the economic structure on all levels be it personal, corporate even regionally and internationally.

The Centennial Fund is the first Saudi non-profit organization that has been founded based on the supreme royal decree190/A issued on the 22nd of Jumada Al-Awwal 1425 H. Its treasurer is his royal highness Prince, Abdel-Aziz bin Abdel-Allah, the deputy foreign affairs minister. The Centennial Fund aims to cater to the aspirations and ambition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in helping its young men and women build small businesses, which will be the real cornerstone in the foundation of the national economic base.

Therefore, the Global Entrepreneurial Forum was held on the third of November at the Ritz Carleton hotel in Riyadh. It included a number of sessions attended by the finest international speakers who addressed different topics to shed the light on the Global Entrepreneurial Fund. Motivated by the spirit of exchange of experience and knowledge and to encourage entrepreneurship as well as our belief in the importance of sponsoring programs aimed at raising the standards of small and medium size businesses, we list the most important recommendations of each session below.


Session Title



First Session

Empowering businesswomen

Helen Morrogh

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Second Session

The role of the international organizations in supporting businesses

Dr. Ahmad Elshamamry

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Third Session

The effect of small and medium size businesses on the local and international economy

Mr. Talaat Hafez

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Fourth Session

International capital and its role in business management

Mr. Rashid Al-Fawzan

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Fifth Session

Business environment attractive for investment in business

Dr. Hani Hilal

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