Andreas Heinecke

In 1985, during an assignment for a radio station, Andreas Heinecke was asked to develop a rehabilitation program for a blind colleague. Challenged by this encounter to think beyond his own stereotype prejudice about disability, he created an experience called “Dialogue in the Dark”. Experimenting with sounds and ropes, he began to present this idea as an exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany in 1989. With an overwhelming response in the public, Dialogue in the Dark has since evolved into a social business model with numerous exhibitions across 32 countries. As early as 1992 Andreas Heinecke started to introduce social franchising as a model for the cooperation with local exhibition partners. In 1997 he developed - together with Orna Cohen as curator - a sister exhibition called “Dialogue in Silence”, which joined the already renowned Dialogue in the Dark in international hubs. In 2008 Andreas Heinecke, by then internationally acclaimed as social entrepreneur, founded a holding for all Dialogue concepts, the Dialogue Social Enterprise. In 2011 he became honorary Professor at the European Business School in Wiesbaden for the chair of social business. In 2012 Andreas Heinecke and Orna Cohen developed another exhibition concept: Dialogue with Time. This exhibition about aging, the experience, stereotypes and the dialogue between generations was realized first in Israel in 2012, and is currently presented in Frankfurt and Berlin during 2014 and 2015. Transferring his know-how and mission to the incubator of Dialogue Social Enterprise, Andreas Heinecke today still remains the driving innovator for new concepts and exhibitions aimed at overcoming stereotype mind-sets by breaking communication barriers.