Fawaz Salem Al-Husainan


2002 Collage of Basic Education, BA

2004 University of Dundee, England Mellit

2006 University of Birmingham, U.K, MPhil Multimedia innovation

2009 University of Birmingham, U.K

PhD in Innovation in Education and Society


2006 University Of Harvard Course in Leadership in Crises:

Preparation and Performance.

2007 London School of Economics and Political Science Course of Study on: Mastering Negotiation: Building Sustainable Agreements.

2007 University of Oxford:

Certificate in: Innovations in Governance.

2010 KUST:

Research Projects Finance.

2011 Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants:

Certificate in accounting for Islamic financial Institutions.


Work Experience

-Sept 97 – 2004, Kuwait Government, Kuwait

Head of research Unit Research Policy and Strategy 

Center of Research and studies.

-Jun 2006 – Jun 2008, University of Birmingham. England


-Sep 2007- Oct 2008, CFH MARKETS LIMITED

Research Market Analysis office.

-Nov 2008- Credit Agricola Bank – Geneva

Wealth Management Department.

-Sep 2008 – June 2012 Collage of Basic Education, Kuwait

Professor Assistant.

-June 2012 Consultant UNDP United Nation Development

Program” Kuwait Human Capital Investment” Youth


-Feb 2012- June 2013 Adviser for Minister of State for Planning and Development, Government, State of Kuwait.

-Dec, 2012 – General Secretary for Higher Committee to

Establish the Ministry of state for Youth Affairs in the State of Kuwait. Council of Ministers, Government of Kuwait.

-Jan, 2013 - Assistant Undersecretary of Ministry of State for Youth Affairs (Government of State of Kuwait).

-Apr, 2014 - Undersecretary of Ministry of State for Youth Affairs, General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

(State of Kuwait).

-Apr, 2014 – Head of the sport and Youth division of the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States. 2014/2016



1- Member of team preparing Legislation of (The National Fund of Support Small and Micro Finance Projects) 2012 \ June .

2- Member of The National Committee for Development the Entrepreneurship concept in the State of Kuwait, Council of Ministers 2013-2014.

3- Member of GEM the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2014.

4- Head of Kuwait Team of GEM the Global Entrepreneurship


5- Co-Founder and Board Member of the leading professional body of

“International Training and Development Academy – ITDA- London

6- Member of team preparing Legislation of establishing Jabber’s

University in Kuwait 2012\ March.

7- Member of team preparing Legislation of (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) 2012 \ March

8- Consultant Of Research and Youth Programs at VIVA Telecommunication Co.

9- Consultant and Directors of many E-Projects and campaigns in the web in many projects in the Internet such as (Research - Education – Banking – media etc)

10- Member of the “UNDP United Nation Development Program” Kuwait “Public Awareness Team” Youth Dialog

Team. 2012-2013

11- Consultant at National Development Plan (Youth

Development- Job Creation- Entrepreneurship). 2012- 2013

12- General Secretary of the Higher Advisory Committee of establishing the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs 2012- 2013

13- Member of Committee of Establish and Design the Law of Student Union at Kuwait (Ministry Of Higher Education) 2012

14- Member of the Supreme Committee for the celebrations and national holidays. (Government of State of Kuwait) 2013/2014.

15- Head of the Supreme Committee for the programs and youth centers - Public Authority for Youth and Sports, 2014.

16- Head of the Team to prepare draft law separating the youth sector for the sports sector in the State of Kuwait, 2014.

17- Member of the Team to prepare draft law for the Sports Activities in the State of Kuwait, 2014.

18- A member of the project team of the National Youth (Kuwait Listen) the Emir Dewan. 2013

19- Decision of the Standing Committee of Ministers for Youth Affairs - Council of Ministers, 2013-2014.

20- Chairman of the meeting session – 31 for Undersecretaries of Ministries of Youth and Sports Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States.

21- Member of CFA institute foundation of investment analysis.

22- Member of the Agency British Educational

Communications and Technology Developers (BECTA) 2008-


23- Member of the Supreme Committee for the programs and youth – Qatar foundation, 2011.

24- Co-founder of the Arab Students Debate Program-

Qatar foundation - 2013



A- Innovations in Society.

Teaching First Year Modules (Introduction to Innovation, Introduction entrepreneurial Innovation, Education & Society)

B- E-Commerce Projects

E-commerce; and how to use this information within a business context, utilized in business. Topics include, types of business systems, e-commerce

C- Entrepreneurial

Focusing on analysis, capital costs, and working capital management of start-up businesses and existing businesses in the early stages of development.

D- Leadership

Bast and introduction of Leadership "Definition of a leader and Leadership styles and skills.

E-Learning projects

Development Of iWeb-based learning, computer-based learning, Virtual Education opportunities and digital collaboration Projects.

F- Employee training and development

Focusing of Define what training is and discuss the concept of high- leverage training, discuss various aspects of the training design process. Explain the forces influencing the workplace and learning, and discuss how training can help companies deal with these forces.


King Abdulaziz Center for


Article “Pilot Experimental for Pre-Service Teacher to Deliver The Objective Of Education Via Multimedia”, Dec 2011, University of Monoivyah.

Article “The Effectiveness of Self Education through the Internet (YouTube case Study) for Undergraduate at Kuwait University”, Jun 2011, University of Monoivyah.

Conference Paper “The impact of social networking programs in academic regulate the flow of information on Twitter” Jan 2013 Kuwait University Conference “participate in Development

Conference paper "government initiative to improve the knowledge society" Global Knowledge Society Forum 2013

World Culture (the Cultural Center), Saudi Aramco.



Volunteer work:

1-Vice president of British Youth Society– UK 2003-

2-Board member of student union of University of 2006- Birmingham- UK

3-Member of the Preparatory Committee First International 2006- Conference for Moderation - London

4- Vice president of Kuwaiti Student union of UK and Ireland 2006-

5- President of Kuwaiti Student union of UK and Ireland 2007-

6- Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference (hand in hand to Kuwait tomorrow 2007

7- Member of the Joint Commission (the cultural attaché of the Kuwaiti - London) 2007

8- An active member of the British Association for Library and Information Service (Cilip) - 2008

9- Chief Editor of the expatriate - United Kingdom 2007

10- Member in Curriculum committee of Business and IT Department in Police academy 2011\2012

11- Member of Translating to Arabic Group of (Twitter.com) 2011

12- Owner of Q8ping.com website Rank in Alexa in Kuwait (77)

13- Owner of Stock and Investment Forum www.Indexsignal.comwebsite ranking in Alexa in Kuwait (41)

14 – Founder of Gulf Economics Data Center online www.Eqtsd.com@Eqtsd