Sehija Dedovic

Sehija Dedovic is a prominent Muslim social activist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, founder and CEO of Center for Education and Research "Nahla”, one of the biggest and the best organized NGO’s in the country and also an initiator of a few socially responsible companies. She has made a huge contribution in the uplifting of the social and economical conditions of women in the Bosnian society after devastating war during 1990's. Born and raised in a traditional Muslim family, she grew up with strong values and ethics. After finishing Islamic high school, she completed her BA in Islamic studies at University of Jordan, Faculty of Islamic studies and later completed post-graduation in International relations at International University of Sarajevo. She has gained extensive knowledge and experience at different training workshops, seminars and programmes and participating in numerous international conferences around the world. Currently, she is an active member of European Muslim network, think-thank organization based in Brussels and a member of Administrative Board of EFOMW (European Forum of Muslim Women). In her home country she holds lectures, seminars and trainings in Strategic planning, Project management, Women's activism, Islam and Civil Society and shares her ideas in different local magazines and websites.